GAPI + GA-AAPNA – Health Fair

Nutritionsolutions For Me participated in the health fair organized by Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (GAPI) and the Georgia Chapter of Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (GA-APPNA) on May 4, 2014 at Global Mall. For the first time, GAPI and GA-APPNA joined hands together to organize a health fair open to the community of Georgia. The health fair was inaugurated at the hands of Senator David Shafer, President Pro Tempore of Georgia State Senate. The Governor of Georgia, Mr. Nathan Deal accompanied by his charming wife also graced the occasion. The Governor was kind enough to take the time out and visit different booths of the health care providers.

The theme we selected was SHAPE (South Asian Health and Prevention Education). As the only nutritionists in the fair, our prime focus was to create awareness on Diabetes and Heart Diseases and this we achieved by communicating on what is commonly consumed.

We highlighted the sugar contained in 18 of the most popular beverages like sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks and juices. This was visually conveyed by keeping the beverage container and the amount of sugar it contained. It was an eye opener and was aptly titled “Rethink your Drink”. Many parents with their children in tow visited that particular visual and were shocked to see the amount of sugar these innocuous drinks had which were consumed on a daily basis. Governor Nathan Deal and his wife made it a point to visit our booth and were intrigued by the “Rethink your Drink” display as well.

Our poster highlighted the causes of diseases and suggested simple dietary and lifestyle changes which could be made in our daily lives. We had a bowl full of healthy salad made with sprouts and several colorful vegetables on display just to highlight that healthy eating doesn’t necessarily equate with bland food. We had a poster with props on brown rice v/s white (polished) rice. Rice is a staple food for South Asians and we wanted to drive home the message that polishing of rice rids it of so many valuable nutrients which wasn’t quite known to the audience.

The event was very well received not only by South Asians but also by people from all walks of life. It was heartening to see the gradually increasing awareness in people about managing their diseases and / or preventing it. It was indeed an extremely rewarding experience and an opportunity to serve the community.

WIth Mrs Nathan Deal health fair 3 health fair 2 Governor of Georgia Mr Nathan Deal at our booth AAPNA-GAAPI health fair