About Parul

Parul Shah

Parul Shah is board certified by American Dietetic Association and licensed by Georgia State board. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Dietetics from Wayne State University, Michigan. She is also a LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition) certified Health, Wellness and Lifestyle coach. Her core areas are Weight loss, Wellness, Preventive nutrition, Pre-diabetes and Diabetes, Cholesterol and Triglyceride reduction, Vegetarian diets, and Chronic disease management. She also works with patients with gastrointestinal issues (IBD, IBS, acid reflux, gastritis, ulcerative colitis, food sensitivities, gluten intolerance), hormonal issues (thyroid, PCOS, PCOD, estrogen dominance) and autoimmune diseases. She has extensive experience as a clinical dietitian having worked in hospitals and dialysis facilities, corporate companies, and one on one with individuals.

Parul is passionate about debunking diet rumours, myths and fads while teaching people to eat foods that are scientifically proven to prevent disease and increase health and vitality. She examines her clients’ in-depth health histories and lifestyles to provide the most comprehensive nutritional plans that support her clients’ unique biochemistry. This helps them get back in touch with their body’s metabolism and establish a healthy relationship with foods and healthier lifelong habits. She emphasizes healthy eating habits and has a non-dieting approach to nutrition. She encourages her clients to make permanent lifestyle changes because diets don’t work! She strongly urges people to make behavioural changes such as eating healthy and staying physically active as these are the keys to a permanently healthy lifestyle.


As a Registered dietitian and Health Coach, her mission is to provide clients with nutrition education that will enable them to adopt and promote a healthy lifestyle.

She is an active member of American Dietitic Association, Sports cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition and Diabetes Practice Group.

Parul lives in Duluth, Georgia with her husband and 2 kids.